Scott Perry started teaching my children music about 7 years ago. He’s guided them through their progression of learning how to play technically the saxophone, clarinet, oboe, piano, piccolo, bassoon, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass (upright and electric) and…. I’m sure I’m missing one or two! This is to say, “Whatever you want to play, Scott can teach you!” Scott also teaches music theory and imparts a love for music that keeps you coming back!

Nathalie O.


I have been learning the guitar with Scott Perry for the past 8 years. Throughout this time, Scott has always taught in an engaged manner and closely charted my progress of understanding the instrument. He praises you when doing well, and also provides helpful tips and notes on improving your skills.

In addition to the classical/electric guitar, Scott is talented in and definitely capable of teaching a variety of instruments, including saxophone, drums, oboe, etc. Scott starts one’s tutoring by teaching the fundamentals of the instrument; however, he continues to place importance on such basic skills by regularly coming back to them and giving practice. Scott shows how to play music not just to a satisfactory point, but to the level of excellence and beyond.

One thing that I really enjoyed under Scott’s instruction is how he cultivates a growing interest in one’s chosen instrument. While learning with Scott, my curiosity and desire to learn the guitar only increased, never stagnating. While he initially fueled my interest by showing me how to play rock songs, my favorite genre at the time, Scott provided a platform to naturally explore other types of guitar genres and styles, including classical, folk, jazz/blues, Spanish, Japanese, reggae, pop, country, and more. I found myself finding a greater appreciation for other kinds of music through his flexible teaching, as I understood how to play a variety of songs and improve my playing style.

Unlike other music schools, Scott provides opportunities to grow beyond learning how to play a song or instrument specific skills. He has the ability to help guide the student in both arranging a piece and even composing music of their own. Scott also directs his students to participate in performances, either hosted at his studio or in accepted venues. One can chose to play solo or form a group with other students, like a classical ensemble or a rock/jazz band. Looking back, I was able gauge my own progress in the guitar through such performances, tackling harder and more technical songs over time.

Furthermore, Scott has a profound knowledge of music structure and history, which he integrates with his classes. It was always fun to learn more about how the song was made as well as the thought process and culture of its creator.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Scott’s classes and I greatly value the knowledge, practical experience, wider scope, and musical application I gained from learning the guitar under his guidance.

Pranav S.


I’ve been with Scott for the past 12 years or so and not only has he been a teacher, but also a role model, critic, and friend. Unlike other music schools, his lesson structure is very dynamic. There are no levels or tests, rather just an exploration of both the instrument and the many styles of music that go along with it. The subject and music he teachers can be anything, all the way from pop to baroque to little known Latin American composers. Furthermore, he covers all aspects of instrument, from the fundamentals to more eclectic and subtle details that affect the tone, mood, and pacing.

Although he specializes in guitar, there is also a wide variety of other instruments that he is able to teach–from standard affair of the drums and bass to round off the band, to the brass of the trombone and saxophone, to the more unusual banjos and oud.

On top of his lessons, he also manages several student comprised bands and ensembles, doing everything from guitar quartets to rock and blues bands.

12 years I’ve learnt the guitar, some 5 years on the bass. Although I’m nowhere near a master, Scott has definitely made me come to appreciate both the breadth of musical styles available and the finer points of their history, composition, and execution.

Ethan S.