Music Lessons

JSP Guitar Sounds offers individual and group music lessons for all ages and skill levels in-person and online via Zoom. Learn classical, flamenco, rock, jazz, popular, country, folk, and world music styles on guitar, bass, woodwinds, percussion, and many other instruments. Group lessons include group guitar class, guitar orchestra, and rock/jazz band classes.

Students are encouraged to find their musical personality through creativity and discipline. Lessons focus on fundamental musicianship to masterfully express music by stressing good performance practice, tone production, rhythm, note reading, ear training, music history, and music theory. All these factors combine to help students acquire advanced performance skills and attain a comprehensive understanding of music.

Lessons are supposed to be fun, too! We are, after all, playing music. Lessons are upbeat, energetic, full of surprises, and can lead to unexpected places. Always be prepared to have a good time even while learning the most serious music.